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L-Lysine Sulphate


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What We Offer

This technology, supported by all of the necessary engineering and business analysis, is offered to companies interested in developing a position in large scale industrial fermentation and an entry into the…

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About Us

SA Bioproducts has 25 years of experience in researching and commercialising the industrial production of amino acids from the laboratory through pilot plant operation, engineering...

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Amino Acids for Animal Nutrition

There are a total of twenty amino acids, of which nine are referred to as essential, i.e. the diets of mono-gastric (single stomach) animals such as poultry, pigs (and humans) must contain these amino acids. (Non essential amino acids can be produced by the digestive system from other amino acids present in the diet). Animals ideally require feed that contains proteins comprising essential amino acids in the exact ratio required by their digestion for optimum growth and health. Normal feed ingredients such as corn, soya meal and various byproducts comprise amino acids in a range of ratios which do not necessarily meet the animal’s needs and are combined and formulated to best match the animal’s requirements at lowest cost.  Amino acids that are surplus to an animal’s needs are metabolised and excreted, incurring both a cash and environmental cost. Accordingly feed formulators strive to minimise cost and environmental impact by reducing protein until a negative impact in growth rate is noted. Growth is impacted when the amount of an essential amino acid falls below its optimum level. This is known as the first limiting amino acid. Addition of this amino acid in pure form allows further reduction of protein until the next amino acid become limiting.  L-lysine is the first limiting amino acid for pigs and second limiting amino acid for poultry with L-threonine next limiting amino acid for both species.